Walkabout 360 View HD Wireless Full HD Resolution Video Baby Monitor

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Fantastic baby monitor

I was hesitant to buy this monitor after reading reviews about terrible postage time and customer service however I had a great experience. The monitor has been perfect so far. Such great quality and easy to connect. I like that the sound mutes while bub isn’t making noise so you don’t have continual white noise. There are also dots along the top that light up when there’s noise, going from green to red. Handy when you’re showering etc and can’t hear well.

The picture quality and angles of the camera tilt are fantastic and it’s very easy to use.

Occasionally I get a sudden flicker of ‘can’t find camera’ on the monitor for a split second but it reconnects so far. We’ve had it for two weeks.

There is one major negative to buying this product. Had I have realised sooner, I wouldn’t have purchased. It’s possible to connect a second camera which we really need… however they don’t sell them… ??

Shardae sutton

Walkabout 360 View HD Wireless Full HD Resolution Video Baby Monitor


The walkabout baby monitor is Amazing, the picture is so clear and the infared is better than i thought it would be. This baby monitor is so easy to use and I wish I had purchased it much sooner!!!

Walkabout 360 View HD Wireless Full HD Resolution Video Baby Monitor

Great baby monitor! No complaints!!! Very happy customer!

Kaye Drury
Great product but not next day dispatch

As lots of other people have said, when the product finally arrives, It’s great. Good quality picture. Set up is minimal.

Briana H

Easy to use, good instructions provided with it, the camera quality is great. Haven't tested sound fully yet to comment on that.
We only waited a week before it was shipped so pretty decent delivery timeframe.
Worth the wait and money

Samantha Fagan
Best baby monitor!

We absolutely love this baby monitor! Was looking for a non-wifi baby monitor with good battery life and this ticks all the boxes. Haven’t had any issues with range and the picture is crystal clear during the day and fabulous at night, you can see your baby breathing at night which is great peace of mind, absolutely perfect for us!

Dave Gregory
Slow service - Amazing Baby Monitor

Yes they're slow to respond and postage took a while but worth it in the end. We've had a couple of different monitors and this is by far the clearest night vision and best screen with little or no lag and no need for apps and wifi connections!

Walkabout Baby Monitor Great Picture Quality

The baby monitor works well. Secure network is a great thing for privacy. Set up is super easy. Picture quality is great. Can see the location of my son's dummy in his cot better on the screen than in person.
Don't expect for the item to be posted to you in a timely manner, though. It took about 1 month to arrive.

Reliable decent camera

Using this baby camera monitor is easy enough and reliable. Came paired and ready to use. Signal is strong enough to use around a standard house and the movement of the camera using pan/tilt is quite enough not to disturb baby. The monitor did freeze a couple of times while using the vox feature and needed to be restarted so now we don't use that feature and turn the monitor screen on and off manually. The wall mount is easy to install and is much better than using the camera on a flat surface as the camera is restricted by the base in its downward movement. We fixed the camera to the wall above the bed and can see the whole room easily. Sound Is ok and the talk to camera (baby) feature works mostly. An all round decent monitor for the price.