Mifo 05: Best Headphones Toronto

The Mifo O5 wireless Bluetooth headphones are here and definitely outranking rivals in the best headphones Toronto category. Affordable and comfortable, these ready-to-use wireless Bluetooth headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec which makes it compatible with all your devices and incredibly easy to pair.

What Features Make the MiFo O5 Stand Out in Best Headphones Toronto Ranking?

Amidst other amazing features, these elegant and comfy headphones adopt a passive noise reduction technology that filters out noise from airplane cabin, city traffic or a busy office, and lets you focus on just what you want to hear, so you can enjoy your music, movies and videos seamlessly.

For the wanderlust and sportive enthusiasts, these wireless Bluetooth headphones offer up to 20 feet of connectivity and are protected with nano watersafe coat to prevent rain water and sweat coming from exercising outdoors or being caught in the rain while you're out jogging or walking.

Also, the Mifo O5 wireless Bluetooth headphones offer up to 100 hours playtime with a 2600mAH charging case which can charge the earbuds for about 15 times. Each earbud has a built-in battery of 60mAh and after a single charge, these wireless Bluetooth headphones can play for up to 7 hours! In addition to their huge battery power, these premium earbuds also have a metallic exterior and a plastic interior which make them comfortable and stable in your ears, so you don't have to worry about them dropping off during rigorous sports or intense workout routines. They also come with buttons that let you change songs, control the volume, answer or hang calls and perform other functions without touching your phone.

In the best headphones Toronto ranking, the Mifo O5 wireless Bluetooth headphones offer the best quality for your money as they have the battery life, the aesthetics and the sound quality to serve your fit and active lifestyle.