Hola Influencers!

Thank you for taking the time to review this opportunity.
MiFo Audio is a wireless Bluetooth headset that works with all devices.
The price is only $130 with free shipping and there are several benefits over competing brands that cost double the price.
What We’re Offering You:
-We will ship you the product, free of charge and we hope you enjoy it!
-Post your affiliate link anywhere online (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), ideally with you using the product
-We will pay you 10% on gross sales (See Chart Below)
Your Potential $$$
-100 Units Sold = $1,300
-500 Units Sold = $6,500
-1000 Units Sold = $13,000
-2000 units sold = $26,000 + $5,000 BONUS
If you’re interested in this offer, please fill and sign below, and email it to influencers@mifoaudio.ca and we will get you setup with an affiliate link right away.